WyRefueler—The plug & play hydrogen filling station

It’s transportable, energy-efficient, and user-friendly: the WyRefueler is here! The plug & play hydrogen refueling station is suitable for a wide range of refueling applications. Besides filling trucks, buses, and trains with hydrogen, it can be used for vehicles on construction sites, in ports, or at airports. It can also refuel cars at a filling pressure of up to 400 bar. The WyRefueler enables emissions-free logistics and intralogistics — and there is no limit to where it can be deployed!

The WyRefueler 350 is a tank system with low energy consumption. Depending on the design, it can provide up to 360 kg of hydrogen at 350 bar per day. It is equipped with smart control and works autonomously.

The system comprises two components: the tank container and the refueler container form a modular solution that offers an especially high level of flexibility. Featuring a disconnectable tank container, this modular design means that the system comes with its own logistics concept and operates even when the tank container is disconnected. The tank container comes in a choice of sizes (H₂ storage capacity at 300 bar is between approx. 400 and 950 kg) and the buffer storage can provide up to 190 kg H₂. There is also the option to integrate hydrogen pre-cooling.

The plug & play hydrogen refueling station comes with a comprehensive consulting and service package. Wystrach customers receive a handout with information to help them obtain the necessary operating license. Optional individual support is available, too. Allowing the system to be monitored 24 hours a day, the remote control function provides an extra layer of security. Setting up and commissioning the WyRefueler for the customer is also included as part of the service. After completing a training course, users can operate the system independently. If required, a comprehensive service package is available for beyond the warranty period.

For more information, please email wyrefueler@wystrach-gmbh.de.

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  • Stand-alone hydrogen refueling station
  • Discharging capacity of up to 360 kg/day (approx. 8–10 buses/trucks)
  • available 24/7
  • Integrated H₂ logistics concept thanks to disconnectable tank container
  • For use at depots as well as in public places
  • Suitable for small and medium fleets or as a backup solution
  • High safety standards for management and operation
  • transportable
  • Wystrach service offers 24/7 remote maintenance
  • High availability (operates even when tank container is disconnected, emergency refueling function)
  • Optional: H₂ pre-cooling for fast refueling
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mobile H2 refueler - Tank container module

Tank container

mobile H2 refueler - Refueler container module


Customers can request modifications specific to their needs.

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