Surface protection Gasflasche Beschichtung

Surface protection

Our surface treatment centre sets new standards in relation to quality and corrosion protection. In this centre, your cylinders are cleaned and coated in compliance with the new EC standard EN 1089-3. The extended marking of cylinder content on the cylinder shoulder surface is carried out in our workshops as well as the cleaning of the interior and exterior walls.

As a specialist for the regular inspection and testing of compressed gas cylinders, quality is our motto. A key feature in this process is corrosion protection. The cylinder coating method is preferably an environmentally friendly powder paint system. The powder is burnt into the surface at 210 °C in the baking oven. Quality tests indicate a minimum cross-cutting value of Gt1. The salt spray test in compliance with DIN 50021 also provides excellent results after 1,000 hours. When required a wet paint process may also be applied. In this case, only solvent-free water paints are used. Conventional paints are oven dried at 60 °C.

The additional markings on the shoulder are applied in a special application facility. The interior wall surfaces are inspected according to use. If rust or soiling is detected, our interior surface spray facility is put to good use. All gas cylinders processed in our cylinder processing centre obtain a long-term resistant surface.


What can we do for you?

In addition to the large range of products of Wystrach GmbH, our company offers its customers also numerous complex and certified services:

Flatbed laser cut

Cutting sheets swiftly with the TruLaser 3030 from the company Trumpf.

Tube cutting laser

Cutting pipes and profiles to length in a setting, inserting recesses and contours with the TruLaser Tube 5000 by Trumpf.


Latest technology with the welding robots from IGM and the orbital welding automats.

Surface protection

Our cylinder treatment centre sets new standards for quality and und corrosion protection.

Testing pressure tanks

Testing gas cylinders according to the law on the transport of dangerous goods (ADR / RID) as amended.